Go Green: Moo Moo Designs

Since Colorado¬†officially went “green” last week…why shouldn’t we Atlantan’s- too?

(Maybe just in a different sense)

Thanks to Kim Nungesser of MooMoo Designs, Inc. here in the A- trying this eco-friendly trend is on-point and in-style.

MooMoo Designs sources sustainable materials, dyes and finishes that are highly usable.

Developed by Juan Hernandez of Bogota, who is now a resident of Atlanta- Hernandez travels months at a time collabing with studios, tanners, craftsman, manufactures and factories across three continents…and va la- look at the results.

Obsessed with my Moo Moo necklace.

Interested in going green, too? Check the Moo Moo site on here and make sure and follow on twitter!

Cheers to reducing, reusing and recycling, Dolls! x0x0 JFK.

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